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Real Luxury in partnership with Fly Tesla has created a small, very scenic itinerary for a helicopter flight between two of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps. This is the helicopter tour between Lake Como and Lake Lugano between Italy and Switzerland.

This helicopter tour is undoubtedly one of the most panoramic and exciting in the Real Luxury and Fly Tesla portfolio as it combines wonderful but very different landscapes, summarizing some of the most exclusive locations in the Alps in a single day!

There is no doubt that the best car manufacturers in the luxury segment that produce the most desired super cars in the world have officially entered the SUV segment for some years now, ready to battle and address a new target, with an eye to the future.

All world travelers, when they dream of their trip to Tuscany, imagine in front of them the soft green hills, the rows of cypresses, the stone farmhouses and ancient villages rich in history and art. This daydreaming postcard that come to our mind is simply the wonderful Val d'Orcia; in the southern area of Tuscany.

Venice is probably the most famous city in the world. Admired, dreamed, copied and desired, it is one of the places to be seen at least once in a lifetime. In addition to its canals and its works of art with a timeless charm, the city every year becomes the fulcrum of one of the most picturesque traditions in the world: the famous Carnival of Venice!

It was 1992 when the first customer from Beijing ordered a Ferrari 348 TS. It is from that moment that the history of the Ferrari house in China begins; a relationship that continues to be consolidated over time. It is exactly to celebrate 30 years of activity on the Chinese market that Ferrari has created a unique tailor-made car: a single example of Ferrari Roma in which tradition, know-how and design from Italy and China merge to give life to a true work of art!

Turin, nestled among the marvelous mountains of Piedmont, is one of the most elegant cities in Italy and was the capital of Italy and the residence of the Italian royal family. Its past has therefore contributed to making it a refined city that still today stands out for its elegance, beauties to visit and excellent gastronomy. Its position also makes it the perfect place to set out to discover Piedmont between mountains and vineyards!

The first months of the year in Europe are synonymous with snow and winter holidays! The best ski destinations come alive with travelers ready to discover wonderful landscapes and have fun on the slopes! The best way to enjoy a winter stay in comfort is definitely to rent an SUV! Renting an SUV in Italy for a winter holiday in the Alps means being free to reach Italy comfortably by plane and then having the freedom to move independently by car.

Renting a Ferrari in Bologna means choosing to live a true Ferrari experience in the homeland of this icon brand! Only in this area is it possible to combine the rental or tour in Ferrari in Bologna with a visit to Maranello and why not add some delicious food and wine stops! Today we therefore want to take you with us with an itinerary proposal between Bologna and its surroundings in a Ferrari!

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