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Some of the oldest and best wineries in Italy are located in Tuscany, set among historic estates, villages and postcard landscapes. The goal of our tours with tasting of wine and local products in Tuscany is to accompany our guests in the scenic, food and wine discovery of this extraordinary area in an elegant, exclusive and iconic way: by a Ferrari car!

One of the most exclusive and gourmet experiences in Tuscany! Truffle hunting is a dynamic activity, in contact with nature which makes you appreciate a truly unique product of the territory, but going truffle hunting in Tuscany aboard a Ferrari or by helicopter is a simply incredible experience that embraces the authentic beauty of this region and its excellences!

There are some experiences in life that cannot be forgotten; one of these is spending a day signed Lamborghini between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna! Our one-day Lamborghini tour allows our guests to experience the adrenalin-fueled driving of a Lamborghini car among some of the most magical landscapes in Italy.

Tuscany is internationally recognized as one of the most beautiful regions of Italy and thousands of tourists every year visit its art cities and its hills set among wonderful panoramic roads!

The coast that runs on the border between France and Italy is one of the most fascinating and elegant in Europe and offers wonderful views of the typical Mediterranean atmosphere. In fact, the Ligurian coast and the Côte d'Azur are united by an intense blue sea, lush vegetation and small calm villages that give life to magical places that have become for over centuries among the most sought-after locations for elegant holidays in full relaxation Mediterranean style. We therefore want to recommend a fascinating itinerary between Portofino and St. Tropez to drive along this enchanting coast and discover its beauties for a perfect summer weekend!

One of the most special experiences that can be done to appreciate Italian beauty from an unusual perspective is certainly a panoramic helicopter flight! We at Real Luxury know this is one of the most exciting activities when visiting Italy and for this reason we have dedicated an entire area of ​​our business to this with! With FlyTesla we organize both transfers and tours and panoramic flights in the most beautiful locations of our peninsula! Today we want to tell you about some of the most beautiful helicopter flights to do in Italy!

One of the things we love most is making our guests discover Italy, among all its most magical places, history, art and excellent food! An on the road itinerary is always the best choice to savor the thousand souls of Italy that range from the great cities of art, the snow-capped mountains, the small villages and Mediterranean islands. Today we therefore want to recommend a 15-day itinerary in Italy to be carried out by a supercar to experience our country also through the Italian excellence of engineering and design!

Last April Dubai was once again the scene of a unique event, a record that blends the world of supercars with the digital art and cryptocurrencies ones.

On June 16, 2022 Ferrari once again amazed the world with some important announcements during its "Capital Market Day" event in which the company presented its objectives for the future both in terms of some new models coming out and in terms of nutrition, sustainability and company philosophy.

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