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The Ferrari electric SUV! Here comes the new Ferrari Purosangue

The Ferrari Purosangue electric SUV is the first four-door, four-seat car from the Maranello-based company and marks, for this and for its electric engine, a real turning point. The Ferrari Purosangue was conceived to provide the space, utility and comfort of an SUV but at the same time confirm the exceptional driving experience, design and excellence that have always been Ferrari's signature!

Why the Ferrari Purosangue is different from other SUVs 

"Don't call it SUV" this is how the Ferrari house asserts about the new Ferrari Purosangue and associates the slogan "Unlike Any Others" with this new creation. This is a clear sign of how Ferrari wants to enter the SUV segment by dictating only its own rules in terms of size and weight, line and powerful and sustainable engine! 

Design and line of the new Ferrari Purosangue 

Although Purosangue is a disruptive news, it is characterized by the inimitable excellence of Ferrari design with a sinuous but decisive line. The quite massive front recalls the shapes of the Ferrari Roma but with a more minimalist style, while on the side it has a high waistline and massive alloy wheels. The effect is therefore that of a raised vehicle that manages to maintain perfect aerodynamics with an ergonomic configuration that allows the driver to feel in direct relationship with the chassis and the capabilities of the car! 

The rear doors open against the wind and facilitate the entry and exit of passengers who find accommodation in four separate seats. The 473-liter luggage rack is the largest ever in Ferrari and, if necessary, it can be made even more spacious by folding down the two rear seats. 

Another feature that makes the Ferrari Purosangue SUV unique is the absence of the central display as the information is shown in the instrument panel and on the screen on the passenger side. 

In general, Ferrari has managed to create a very versatile car capable of combining spaciousness and comfort with performance and driving emotions typical of every Ferrari! 

Why Ferrari chooses to make an electric SUV like Ferrari Purosangue 

Electric mobility is undoubtedly the word of the future that has now become present and Ferrari has arrived with perfect timing with the new Ferrari Purosangue SUV with electric motor which perfectly marks the road to Ferrari's objectives for the future, namely to have the 60% of production with hybrid and electric motors and become carbon neutral by 2030! The creation of combustion engines will continue but will be reduced to 40% by 2026. By this date it is estimated that 5% of sales will be electric cars, 55% hybrids and 40% traditional engines while in 2030 there could be a sales mix of hybrid and electric cars equal to 40% and 20% with traditional engines. We had delved into Ferrari's goals for the next few years here.

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