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Renting a Ferrari in the Dolomites is a simply unique experience that combines the fascinating beauty of nature and the fun of a stimulating drive on winding roads, where you can touch Ferrari's driving potential first hand. Renting a Ferrari in the Dolomites means sitting inside a design car, hearing the roar of the engine starting up and at the same time being surrounded by majestic peaks, lush valleys and enchanting alpine villages that define the true charm of the Dolomites.

The winding mountain roads provide the perfect canvas for adrenaline-pumping driving, allowing you to savor the absolute pleasure of driving a luxury sport car among the majesty of mother nature. Every bend reveals breathtaking views, inviting numerous scenic stops to capture stunning landscapes with both your eyes and camera!


Rent a Ferrari in the Dolomites and drive over the mountain passes

The Dolomites with their mountain passes roads are home to some of the most picturesque, demanding and exciting paths in the world especially thanks to their dramatic bends and extreme uphill and downhill slopes. Driving through mountain curves surrounded by forests, high rocky mountains and postcard views is simply an experience not to be missed! And if you are driving an exceptional car, a mix of engineering excellence and design, this experience becomes even more fascinating! Among the most panoramic and famous Dolomite passes, Passo Gardena, Passo Falzarego and Passo Sella stand out. Passo Gardena connects Alta Badia and Val Gardena and its road runs alongside the massive Sella group with some stretches right under the rock and a majestic view that opens onto the valley. Passo Falzarego, on the other hand, connects Alta Badia to the Cortina d'Ampezzo area with a wonderful road: one of the most exclusive towns in the entire Alpine arch! Finally Passo Sella instead connects Val Gardena to Val di Fassa and winds between the Sella group and the Sassolungo group and is undoubtedly one of the most tortuous and captivating passes in the Dolomites.


Food and wine stops during the rental of a Ferrari in the Dolomites

The Dolomites with their large green spaces, pure air and the still authentic agricultural realities of the area are an absolutely perfect place for food and wine lovers and food and wine tourism! For example, visits to mountain farms allow you to touch these small excellent realities first-hand, where products are locally made, cooked, produced and served. In the Dolomites, however, there are also numerous gourmet and starred restaurants that take their hint from traditional recipes to revisit them in a contemporary key with great attention to respect for raw materials and the dish elaboration processes. During a Ferrari tour in the Dolomites, the delicious gastronomic stops will surely be a constant, obviously always set among dream landscapes!


Why rent a Ferrari in the Dolomites

The blend of high-performance engines and the natural beauty of the Dolomites creates an unforgettable journey, a 360-degree experience that embraces design, engineering, adrenaline, scenic beauty and exquisite gastronomic experiences. Renting a Ferrari in the Dolomites or taking part in a tailor-made tour organized by Real Luxury in these places is the activity that gives added value to a holiday in the Dolomites and is capable of leaving precious memories of an extraordinary getaway in one of the most fascinating regions of Italy.


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