Real Luxury: luxury and sport car hire

Thanks to our geographical position, the great passion that unites us and the experience gained in the luxury car rental sector, we have selected for you the most beautiful itineraries to enjoy the pure pleasure of sports driving on board your rented car. We have staff who are always at your disposal, and able to speak English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian fluently. 

For us, renting luxury cars means offering you an unforgettable experience, a unique journey behind the wheel of the most beautiful Supercars you have ever driven. 

Real Luxury is not limited to just renting luxury sports cars, but allows you to experience a trip on board the most prestigious Italian top cars, including Ferrari and Lamborghini, indisputable symbols of Made in Italy in the world.

Think of the travel destination of your dreams, in whichever country you are, whether for work or for a vacation, imagine being able to travel carefree driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or your luxury car rented among the many cars put on available from REAL LUXURY.

Whatever your desire, REAL LUXURY is able to offer you a completely new and unique car rental experience.

REAL LUXURY makes the luxury car rental service quick and stress-free: we are able to offer you the quotation and the actual confirmation of availability of the luxury car you have selected in a short time.

Once you have rented the car, we continue to be available through our assistance service, available 24hr and guaranteed by our specialized technicians located in: Rome, Florence and Milan, who will physically reach you for a complete assistance if needed.


The people you meet make your trip rich and unique.

Andrea Becciolini

Andrea had the chance to born in Siena, a beautiful medieval town situated in the heart of Tuscany, well-known for Piazza del Campo and the famous horse race called Palio. He graduated in Engineering Management at the age of 27. In 2008 he joined Oil&Gas with General Electric group and after many years abroad, living between Africa and India, Andrea decided to return to Italy where in 2011 he embraced the world of luxury travels with the Red Travel company.

He has been working for 3 years as a Tour Director, organizing and managing individual Tour & Incentive on board of Ferrari and Lamborghini. In 2013 he has managed official Ferrari events and meetings for Italian, Swiss and German markets.

Andrea really loves his beautiful country, the “made in Italy” and sports cars, he now comes back to the places where he grew up with the aim of accompanying you, by car, through the most amazing roads of Tuscany and Italy with REAL LUXURY.

In his spare time he is an official sports driving instructor at the Toyota “GT Academy”. Andrea is a big fan of sports cars and he provides individual rides on Ferrari and Lamborghini on race tracks.

Let his great experience, his competence and his passion accompany you to the Ferrari world through Tuscan hills, north lakes (Como-Maggiore-Garda), Amalfi coast and French Riviera. His smile never leaves him.

Patricia Albillos

Patricia was born in San Sebastian, a beautiful city located in the north of Spain, in the Bay of La Concha- famous for its gastronomy and the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.

After completing her studies in tourism, she worked in the main office of Real Luxury in Italy.

With the help of founder Andrea Becciolini, she has organized and managed both luxury tours and incentives, as well as high-end car rentals.

After this experience, she decided to open the representative office of Real Luxury in Spain. To show the beauties of both Spain and Italy aboard high-end cars like the exciting Ferrari or Lamborghini, also offering luxury services for Spain: car rental, helicopter transfer, panoramic helicopter tours, private jets, and rental of Real Estate.

Patricia, a person who is always solar and energetic, a great connoisseur of the best places in Spain and Italy, seeks perfection with attention to detail, and she loves her city and gastronomy.

In addition, she has a great passion for sports cars and the "bel paese". Always be willing to seek the best service solution for your VIP clients.


Sportive and Luxury Cars

We have been working in the world of SuperCars for many years now and we know the tastes of customers and what it takes to create emotions in them, we strive to offer an impeccable service linked to the world of engines, a challenge that makes us the ideal partner for the organization of events as well as for the "simple" Top Car Rental.



You will be guided by our staff who were born and raised in this beautiful area of Tuscany, which is why in addition to the skills and a high level of professionalism (with the ability to speak English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian fluently) they have the winning card of love for their own land.



You will be able to discover the beauty of your chosen destination, aboard your luxury car, to discover extraordinary views, different areas, traditional Italian cuisine, designer boutiques, historic Chianti cellars, wonderful villas and medieval castles where you can relive history and charm made in Italy.



Real Luxury, for prestige car rentals, is aimed at an international clientele and is ideal for both professionals and companies. Our goal is to offer you a privileged rental service between the various luxury car models, completely customizable according to your needs.e.