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Helicopter transfer from Sorrento to Capri with Fly Tesla

Real Luxury in collaboration with Fly Tesla offers transfers and helicopter tours throughout Italy, to quickly connect the most beautiful destinations of the peninsula through a service characterized by precision, safety, exclusivity and comfort. One of the most panoramic and desirable routes during the summer is certainly the helicopter transfer from Sorrento to Capri.

This route is in fact one of the most panoramic in Italy and connects Sorrento, specifically the village of Massa Lubrense on the Sorrento coast, to Capri: the pearl of the Mediterranean! The journey is in itself spectacular and flies over the wonders of the Amalfi Coast such as Positano and Punta Campanella: the extreme point of the Amalfi coast reaching out into the sea with its iconic lighthouse. Even the arrival on Capri is absolutely extraordinary and allows you to see the profile of the island appearing from the sea, with its splendid cliffs and blue sea, and admire the island from above before reaching your destination.


This flight is also extremely useful for guests staying between the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts and who wish to reach Capri in a very short time and without having to organize the transfer by sea. The helicopter transfer from Sorrento to Capri with Fly Tesla is in fact the perfect combination of a flight made for convenience of time and logistics to a simple panoramic flight intended as a unique activity to plan during a holiday on the Amalfi coast.


A helicopter flight on the Amalfi Coast is in fact one of the most unique and panoramic experiences that can be enjoyed in Italy. Seeing the high cliffs of Mediterranean scrub, the intense blue of the sea and the villages with colored houses from above is something absolutely exclusive and that every guest will love to tell and remember forever!


No good itinerary discovering the Amalfi Coast can be considered as complete if not including one or more days on the island of Capri, which has fascinated travelers arriving on its shores for centuries! To learn more about the five unmissable experiences in Capri, we recommend reading this article. Real Luxury and Fly Tesla care that their guests experience the best that these destinations have to offer and that is why they proudly offer both the helicopter tour of Capri and the Amalfi Coast and the helicopter transfer from Sorrento to Capri. We are in fact sure of helping to create lifetime memories for the travelers who choose to travel with us!

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