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5 experiences in Capri you cannot miss

One of the bluest islands in the Mediterranean, set between the reflections of the sea and the rocks of the cliffs, Capri has been the island of dreams for centuries where the beauty of nature marries a slow but at the same time glamorous and refined life that moves to the rhythm of sunsets, authentic tastes and breathtaking views. This island is a destination to see at least once in a lifetime and we therefore want to suggest 5 experiences in Capri you really cannot miss!

See the island from the sea

The great protagonist of this island is certainly the sea with its thousand shades of blue and green. You cannot say that you have seen the true beauty of Capri without having seen it from the sea. Navigating by boat through its crystal clear waters, discovering hidden coves and caves and bathing off the iconic Faraglioni is an experience that makes the island remain even more in the hearts of travelers who decide to visit it.


Dine on a panoramic terrace

Capri is synonymous with breathtaking views in all the corners of the island but it is also synonymous with genuine and traditional tastes that enhance local products. So what better way to experience this island than to enjoy a dinner on one of its many panoramic terraces? Seeing one of its orange sunsets, the sun falling into the sea and the lights of the street lamps turning on while enjoying the excellent traditional recipes is a wonderful way to experience the dream atmosphere that has made Capri famous all over the world!


Discover the secrets of the island with a local guide

Capri is an incredible mix of ancient and modern history, art and nature and over the centuries it has been the scene of a thousand stories; from those of the locals to those of the numerous writers and artists who spent long and short periods of their lives here, inspired by this magical place. Discovering this island together with a local guide means really discovering it in order to be able to steal its secrets and stories. It is truly an added value that manages to make a difference.

See the island from above by helicopter

To enjoy a truly unique perspective on Capri, taking a helicopter ride is the right choice! From above, the island seems to rise from the Mediterranean like a lost legend or a corner of paradise that has accidentally fallen to earth. To make this experience even more exciting it is also possible to arrive from Sorrento by helicopter, flying over the wonderful Amalfi and Sorrento coasts, the mythical Punta Campanella and then see the wonder of Capri!


Stroll through the streets to experience the real Dolce Vita

Closing your eyes and thinking about Capri it is easy to imagine an elegant and refined atmosphere and it is precisely its allure that has made it famous throughout the world. Strolling through the streets of Capri and Anacapri among outdoor tables, boutiques and breathtaking views is the best way to savor the meaning of the Italian Dolce Vita!

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