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Hire a Ferrari in Taormina with Real Luxury

Taormina is undoubtedly one of the pearls of Sicily and is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Italy! Hiring a Ferrari in Taormina can be a winning idea both to be able to leave Taormina to discover the eastern coast of Sicily and just to include an unusual and exclusive activity in your travel program!

Taormina is a destination that fascinates visitors with its immense natural beauty, the true Sicilian spirit and an ancient elegance. Its historic center is small and cozy and hosts many historic palaces and churches as well as dreamy views of the sea and Mount Etna!

Taormina is also a very refined town, full of elegant hotels and exclusive restaurants and is therefore a perfect destination to experience the atmosphere of Sicily in a high-level context.

Given its proximity to the city of Catania, it is easily accessible by plane and is in an excellent position to be used as a starting point for a road trip on the eastern coast of Sicily. In fact, it is possible to rent a Ferrari in Taormina with Real Luxury both for half a day or a day or as part of an organized tour lasting several days. In the first case it is an exclusive unusual experience, to be included among the activities scheduled during the trip, while in the second case it means using a vehicle of excellence to explore the area as the spearhead of the entire journey!

In both cases, however, you have the opportunity to experience an icon of Made in Italy, a gem of design and engineering, like a Ferrari car in perfect harmony with your needs and travel plans.

In the event that guests wish to rent a Ferrari in Taormina for a multi-day tour, Real Luxury will take care of planning an itinerary that is in line with their priorities and wishes by inserting, for example, stops of artistic and cultural value but also by the crystal clear sea or focused on food and wine!

 Sicily is in fact famous all over the world for its extraordinary cuisine made of the highest quality ingredients and Mediterranean influences. This region is full of excellent farms and haute cuisine restaurants that work with local products and it is always winning to include a few stops on a tour of Sicily to discover this region’s gastronomy!

 Renting a Ferrari in Taormina or, more generally, renting a Ferrari in Sicily can therefore be a wonderful idea to add a plus of exclusivity to your trip to Italy and create lifetime memories!

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