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"Game Changers" is one of the most amazing news for super car enthusiasts and especially fans of the Ferrari brand. "Game Changers" is in fact the name of the new exhibition set up by the Ferrari house in Modena at the Enzo Ferrari Museum.

The exhibition will last a year and will be open until February 17, 2024. 

The exhibition is conceived on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Ferrari brand that dates back to 1947 when the company launched its first car. The exhibition aims to retrace the history and victories of the Ferrari house through its most significant models and innovations that have in their own way revolutionized the history of the Ferrari brand. 

The exhibition is divided into three major thematic areas named Design, Technology and Performance, and some of the most significant cars have been chosen for each of these areas.

It starts from the very first car, the 125 of 1947, to move on to the 375 MM, the first one-off built on behalf of Roberto Rossellini and intended for Ingrid Bergman, and the 166 MM, the first with bodywork made of aluminum. 

Among the most famous cars there is the 400 Automatic of 1976, the first 2+2 grand tourer with automatic transmission, the Ferrari F1-89, the first single-seater ever with electro-hydraulic transmission, the 365 GT4 BB of '73, the first grand tourer sedan rear-engined with an original V12 and the 2005 Ferrari FXX, the first special series created exclusively for the track. The exhibition itinerary then concludes with the Ferrari Purosangue: the first four-door car by Ferrari which allows the company to enter the SUV segment and enter the electric field which is and will be increasingly pivotal in the coming years , according to the objectives shared by the company. 

This new and interesting exhibition area therefore further enriches the experience of visitors to the Enzo Ferrari Museum. Besides the great Ferrari enthusiasts have to combine a visit to the Enzo Ferrari Museum with the Ferrari Museum and the Ferrari Factory in Maranello. It is precisely for this reason that Real Luxury has been organizing the Motor Valley Tour for years starting from Florence or Bologna, combining automotive-oriented stops with historic cities and food and wine stops, to create tours that combine the different areas of Made in Italy excellence!

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