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Real Luxury in partnership with Fly Tesla has created a small, very scenic itinerary for a helicopter flight between two of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps. This is the helicopter tour between Lake Como and Lake Lugano between Italy and Switzerland.

The flight is conceived as a tour for panoramic purposes and lasts 30 minutes to be able to calmly fly over the beauties of these two wonderful lakes. In fact, the flight offers a unique perspective and due to its duration it is easy to combine with other activities on the lake depending on the days available to each guest, enriching the stay with an extraordinary experience.

Lake Como is certainly one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy and also one of the most fascinating and dreamed areas of our country where the green hills meet the blue of the water, the many colors of the villages and the elegance of the villas overlooking the lake! The city of Como and the villages of Cernobbio, Bellagio, Varenna and Tremezzo are some of the historic and picturesque places lying along the shores of the lake that all travelers include in their itinerary but few are able to admire from above! The helicopter flight over Lake Como allows the guests to enjoy these places from an unusual perspective, admiring the cascades of colored houses leaving the mountains and jumping into the water!

Lake Lugano is a large pre-Alpine lake shared by Italy and Switzerland, more precisely between the Canton of Ticino and the provinces of Como and Varese. It is characterized by an irregular shape that creates multiple branches that wind through the green mountains that surround it. It is exactly its particular shape that makes the landscape varied and interesting even more if admired from above.

Lugano and then Porto Ceresio, Porlezza, Morcode, Melide and Campione d'Italia are certainly among the most famous places bordering on this lake, while, with its 1700 m above sea level, Monte Generoso is the highest high overlooking Lake Lugano.

It is precisely for these characteristic and evocative landscapes that Real Luxury and Fly Tesla wanted to combine Lake Lugano with Lake Como in a single helicopter tour as, during the flight, there is the the opportunity to admire two spectacular landscapes in one occasion.

If you are looking for other activities to complement your helicopter flight during your stay at Lake Como, such as cruising its shores aboard a Ferrari or your favorite super car, exploring the lake by boat or organizing a tour food and wine, let's leave some ideas in this article!

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