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This helicopter tour is undoubtedly one of the most panoramic and exciting in the Real Luxury and Fly Tesla portfolio as it combines wonderful but very different landscapes, summarizing some of the most exclusive locations in the Alps in a single day!

In fact, the one-day helicopter tour between Val Engadina and Valle del Bernina starts from Lake Como, one of the pearls of northern Italy that fascinates travelers from all over the world with its mountains that reflect in the blue waters of the lake, the ancient villas and an incredibly scenic road that runs along its banks. If you want to discover Lake Como by Ferrari, we leave you this article to learn more.

Pick up at the hotel on Lake Como

The tour begins with the pick-up of the guests by the Real Luxury staff at the hotel. The scenery of Lake Como in the morning is always enchanting and, after a relaxed breakfast admiring the mountains reflected in the lake, it’s time to leave for Switzerland! For this tour, our partner Fly Tesla offers three different aircraft solutions: Eurocopter AS350 single engine, Eurocopter EC130 B4 single engine or A.W A109 E Power Twin Engine.


Panoramic helicopter tour over the Engadine Valley

 The Engadine Valley is located south of the Swisse Alps in the canton of Grisons and is one of the highest inhabited valleys in Europe. The valley is divided into two different areas: the Upper and Lower Engadine which are distinguished by very different landscapes. The Upper Engadine is in fact characterized by a flat area with four lakes surrounded by high glaciers and splendid woods. The Lower Engadine is instead a narrower valley with sharp hills and extends to the border with Austria. The main town of the Engadine Valley is certainly St. Moritz which, over time becoming the pearl of the Alps, has made it famous all over the world!

Flying over the Engadine Valley and the imposing Bernina glaciers is an unforgettable experience as the Alps from above offer an unusual perspective and a magical atmosphere!

Lunch at Rifugio Palù


After relaxing while flying over the marvelous panoramas of the Engadine Valley, it is time to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and flavors of the mountains by landing at the splendid Palù mountain hut which offers mountain gastronomic specialties in a welcoming environment among wooden furnishings and a wonderful lake view!

 Return by helicopter to Como

After having tasted the mountain specialties and having relaxed among the panoramas and the sun, it is time for a new flight to return to Lake Como. Even the return flight is absolutely panoramic and exciting and the view of Lake Como from above with the landing on its shores will be the peak of an unforgettable day among the most evocative landscapes in Europe!

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