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Rent a Ferrari in Venice to visit the Veneto region and experience the Venice carnival

Venice is probably the most famous city in the world. Admired, dreamed, copied and desired, it is one of the places to be seen at least once in a lifetime. In addition to its canals and its works of art with a timeless charm, the city every year becomes the fulcrum of one of the most picturesque traditions in the world: the famous Carnival of Venice!

The whole city is populated by extraordinary masks inspired by the eighteenth century and the city seems to take a journey through time returning to its golden age among historical characters, colors and timeless atmospheres. There is no better time than the carnival to visit Venice and then continue to discover a wonderful region: the Veneto one! That's why we want to suggest you to rent a Ferrari in Venice to visit the Veneto region and experience the Venice carnival in the most elegant and fascinating way possible!


Visit the most famous places in Venice during the Carnival


Venice is a romantic, magical and surprising city that hides stories and masterpieces in every corner. Sail along the Grand Canal admiring the eighteenth-century palaces with lace facades, let yourself be fascinated by Piazza San Marco with its iconic basilica and get lost in the "calli" the narrow streets that wind between bridges and canals. Treat yourself to a romantic dinner and a show at the elegant La Fenice theater and then take a motorboat to visit the splendid island of Murano, with its interesting companies that work the most famous glass in the world, and the colorful island of Burano, with its multicolored houses and the famous handmade lace.


Rent a Ferrari in Venice to visit the Veneto region

Venice is not only a unique city but it is also the gateway to the splendid Veneto region which hosts a large number of natural, historical and artistic beauties. From the famous Dolomites, considered among the most beautiful mountains in the world, to the romantic city of Verona and the marvelous Venetian Villas, timeless masterpieces of art and architecture!


To best visit this region full of beauties, renting a Ferrari is a winning choice if you want to have a unique, elegant and refined experience. An on the road in Ferrari in Veneto means being able to have the freedom to stop in the places that best meet one's needs and desires and at the same time having the possibility to test the driving potential of this engineering jewel between the chosen stops, living an absolutely exclusive experience!


Visit Verona the city of love

Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet, one of the most romantic cities in Italy that always conquers its visitors with the ancient arena and its picturesque historic center. It is a city that absolutely must be included in an on the road in Veneto by Ferrari.


Visit the Palladian Villas

Veneto is famous for some masterpieces of art and architecture: the Palladian villas mostly concentrated in the Vicenza area! In fact, together with the city of Vicenza, with its 23 Palladian palaces, 24 villas in the Veneto region were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites between 1994 and 1996. Villa Pisani, Villa La Rotonda, Villa Widmann, Villa Barbaro are just some of these splendid palaces. Choose a few to visit among the stops of your on the road by Ferrari. Follow these roads while daydreaming in this enchanting landscape and you will understand why it is such a unique experience to rent a Ferrari in Venice to visit the Veneto region!

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