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Ferrari Rome tailor - made to celebrate 30 years of Ferrari in China

It was 1992 when the first customer from Beijing ordered a Ferrari 348 TS. It is from that moment that the history of the Ferrari house in China begins; a relationship that continues to be consolidated over time. It is exactly to celebrate 30 years of activity on the Chinese market that Ferrari has created a unique tailor-made car: a single example of Ferrari Roma in which tradition, know-how and design from Italy and China merge to give life to a true work of art!

The engine of this Ferrari Rome dedicated to China

The engine of this unique Ferrari Roma is a Ferrari classic, a turbocharged engine capable of unleashing the extreme power of 620 HP, enhanced by a "lifestyle package" designed to enhance the driving experience. Although the engine is an extraordinary concentration of power and engineering skills, it is the details and the interior that make it one of the most unique Ferraris ever!


The tailor-made design of the Ferrari Roma celebrating China

This unique Ferrari Roma was created in collaboration between the Ferrari Tailor Made department and the designer Jiang Qiong'er, one of the most famous young contemporary Chinese stylists who interpret the finesse, beauty and heritage of the Chinese culture.


Red, the symbolic color of China, is present both inside and outside. On the outside, in fact, the contrast emerges between the silver-grey of the Sanusilver Matte and the Red Magma Glossy of the central band which represents a tribute to the traditional Chinese carmine red and draws inspiration from the furniture of the Ming dynasty.


Even the passenger compartment is a riot of red full of references to Chinese culture and art. It is indeed a blaze of red with leather seats, dashboard trim, door panels and steering wheel rim. It also features a unique plaque written with Chinese characters of the number 30, inlaid with jade, chosen to symbolize purity and kindness.


Even the options of this car are small works of art in homage to Chinese culture and tradition such as the four ebony and crystal aroma diffusers, a bamboo tea set, an ebony cigar holder, an inkstone ashtray, a paper kite, cashmere blankets, and a Chinese checkers set made from agate and leather. This incredible list of exclusive objects is completed by a lacquered key ring, in red and gold, made according to an ancient Chinese technique.


As we can well see, the new tailor-made Ferrari Roma in honor of China is overall a true work of art on four wheels and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever made!

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