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Rent a Ferrari in Turin between the Venaria Palace, the Langhe and Lake Maggiore

Turin, nestled among the marvelous mountains of Piedmont, is one of the most elegant cities in Italy and was the capital of Italy and the residence of the Italian royal family. Its past has therefore contributed to making it a refined city that still today stands out for its elegance, beauties to visit and excellent gastronomy. Its position also makes it the perfect place to set out to discover Piedmont between mountains and vineyards!

Renting a Ferrari in Turin is an exciting way to organize a tour or an on the road among the territorial and food and wine excellences of Piedmont; starting from the enchanting Reggia di Venaria to get to the tasty Langhe between wine and hazelnuts, passing through the Alba truffle and reaching the shores of Lake Maggiore! Today we want to give you some inspiration for what to visit by car in Piedmont starting from Turin!


Renting a Ferrari in Turin: the Venaria Royal Palace 

Built in the mid-17th century and today a UNESCO heritage site, the Venaria Royal Palace was commissioned by Duke Carlo Emanuele II in 1658 who wanted to make it his hunting lodge. The entire building has been modified and expanded over the centuries and today is an exceptional historical residence with wonderful gardens, large windows, majestic and elegant halls with infinite treasures to be discovered! This unique palace is located just 30 minutes by car from Turin and that is why it is a must to be included in a tour or itinerary when you decide to rent a Ferrari in Turin to discover the city and its surroundings!




Renting a Ferrari in Turin: discovering the Langhe


The Langhe territory is another UNESCO World Heritage area to be discovered just an hour's drive from Turin! This area is located in lower Piedmont, between the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria and is characterized by wonderful hills with woods and vineyards. This area produces some of the most important gastronomic excellences of Italy, such as Barolo wine, truffles and Alba hazelnuts, just to mention a few. An Ferrari on the road itinerary in the Langhe means having a thousand possibilities to build a dream journey between food and wine stops, ancient villages, elegant residents and castles!




Renting a Ferrari in Turin: on the shores of Lake Maggiore


About two hours by car from Turin you can find one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy: Lake Maggiore! Unique both from a naturalistic and historical and cultural point of view, its shores are divided between Piedmont and Lombardy and are a succession of landscapes and wonderful views. The blue waters of the lake are set between wonderful mountains and villages of rare beauty. Traveling along its banks in a Ferrari means immersing yourself in the most total beauty and having the freedom to stop wherever you want to admire the harmony of the landscape. The queen of the lake is certainly the town of Stresa with its dream villas, liberty palaces and views of the Borromean Islands. The Borromean Islands are the pearls of the lake, set in the blue waters and decorated with precious palaces and gardens where elegance and refinement can be felt in every corner.


As Lake Maggiore is shared between Piedmont and Lombardy, it is also a perfect destination for those who do not come from Turin but instead decide to rent a Ferrari from Milan, leaving to discover the lakes of this region independently or with an organized tour!

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