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Truffle hunting in Tuscany arriving by helicopter is the new exclusive experience created by Real Luxury in collaboration with Savini Tartufi and Fly Tesla. The craftsmanship, tradition and uniqueness of this activity make it a niche experience, ideal for those looking for something refined but authentic! Today we take you with us to experience this truffle hunt in Tuscany arriving by helicopter, looking forward to welcoming you soon live in these magical woods!

Arrival by helicopter and truffle hunting location


The evocative truffle hunting location is in the Chianti woods where the welcoming Savini Tartufi chalet is located. A few wooden tables, a lit fireplace and a splendid open kitchen make the atmosphere intimate and familiar.


The Fly Tesla helicopters land with the guests right in the small clearing outside the chalet. The helicopter transfer is an excellent way to reach the location in a short time and in comfort, directly from the hotel where guests are staying or from the closest take-off point.

Furthermore, flying is always a way to see the splendid Tuscan views from an unusual and exciting perspective.


The truffle hunting experience 

Luca, the landlord, and the funny truffle dogs Dante, Fiuto and Giotto welcome the guests ready to lead an exciting hunt in the woods! During the hunt and the walk in the woods, guests have the opportunity to learn about the characteristics, properties and varieties of this exquisite ingredient and, after exploring the area and finding some precious truffles, the group is ready to return to the chalet to enjoy an excellent truffle-based lunch around the fireplace!

 Lunch and truffle tasting 

After the hunt, the guests sit inside the chalet around the fire with an excellent glass of wine welcomed by Chef Luciano who, in the wonderful open kitchen, will decline truffles in various preparations. Chef Luciano guides guests on this unique gastronomic journey making them appreciate the versatility of this precious ingredient which manages to enhance the most diverse dishes.

 Greetings and return by helicopter


After lunch and a little relaxation time in front of the fireplace, the helicopter is ready to take guests back to the hotel with a comfortable flight, if in winter, with the magical sunset light that illuminates the Tuscan hills with a thousand golden shades!

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