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Three excellent reasons to take a helicopter tour in Tuscany

A helicopter tour is undoubtedly an exclusive experience that makes a trip absolutely unforgettable! Real Luxury in partnership with Fly Tesla organizes transfers and helicopter tours in Tuscany and throughout Italy

with the aim of creating unique experiences that are designed on the needs and desires of guests, taking advantage of the deep knowledge of the area and its excellences! Tuscany is one of the most evocative Italian regions in terms of landscape with its green hills, cities of art and its small stone villages and it is for these characteristics that it is perfect to be seen from above! So today we leave you three excellent reasons to take a helicopter tour in Tuscany!


The helicopter tour in Tuscany allows you to see landscapes from an unusual perspective

Whether it's just a transfer or a complete helicopter tour, this activity gives those who choose it the opportunity to admire the world from an unusual perspective. Tuscany is a region that lends itself well to this type of experience because of its territorial conformation with a mix of green countryside, woods, coast, cities of art and small villages. The landscape is always varied and changes every minute during a flight! Those who choose a helicopter tour in Tuscany can therefore discover the pearls of the region between artistic and gastronomic stops!


The helicopter allows you to move around with comfort and ease

The helicopter is certainly the most comfortable way to travel, being able to travel independently, quickly and without difficulty, as can sometimes happen when traveling by land. The Florence - Siena route, for example, takes twenty minutes, while from Siena, Rome can be reached in just 45 minutes! The helicopter therefore remains the fastest and most comfortable means of transport both for transfers during a business trip and for moving easily during a vacation!


The helicopter tour provides the possibility to build short itineraries with distant places

Due to the great ease and speed of movement, the helicopter is the perfect way to plan a tourist itinerary that includes the major places of interest that you want to visit in a short time! In fact, it is possible to reduce travel times, thus being able to make more use of the time available in the destination and having the opportunity to fully enjoy the places and experiences chosen! In fact, by choosing the helicopter, in addition to the breathtaking view that in itself manages to transform travel into an experience, it is possible to easily visit distant places. For example, it is possible to combine Tuscany with the Cinque Terre in one day or from Rome to visit Capri in a single day or to make stops in different regions by condensing the places and experiences to make them fall within the time available!

Through the partnership with Fly Tesla, Real Luxury is able to create tailor-made itineraries for guests! If you are curious we leave you some inspiration among "The most beautiful helicopter flights to do in Italy".


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