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Hunting for truffles in Tuscany aboard a Ferrari or helicopter

One of the most exclusive and gourmet experiences in Tuscany! Truffle hunting is a dynamic activity, in contact with nature which makes you appreciate a truly unique product of the territory, but going truffle hunting in Tuscany aboard a Ferrari or by helicopter is a simply incredible experience that embraces the authentic beauty of this region and its excellences!

Departure: driving experience or helicopter flight

Truffle hunting is an interesting, fun and exclusive activity that our guests can experience in the woods of the Pisa area. Guests can choose whether to arrive at the designated location for truffle hunting by car or helicopter! Both experiences are exciting and allow to associate a panoramic and adrenaline-pumping activity with the gastronomic experience! 

If you choose the car you will have the opportunity to drive a super car, be it a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or a Porsche, among the winding panoramic roads of Tuscany between vineyards and hills and then enter the magical forest that surrounds the place where the culinary experience takes place. 

If, on the other hand, you prefer the helicopter experience, the trip will be just as spectacular and will give you the opportunity to admire Tuscany from an unusual perspective! The view from above of the Tuscan countryside dotted with cultivated fields, rows of cypresses and ancient villages is unforgettable!

Arrival at the hut and truffle hunting 

The splendid location where the truffle hunting with tasting takes place is a wonderful hut surrounded by woods in the Pisa area. The place is quiet and comfortable and with its fireplace and open kitchen welcomes guests in a relaxed atmosphere. 

The owner of this enchanting place welcomes the guests and the truffle hunter, with his great experience in the field, illustrates the various types of truffles with characteristics, benefits, conservation best practices and uses.

Once entered the world of truffles with the dogs, the real hunt begins on foot in the woods and then returns to the hut!

Cooking and tasting of truffles

The return to the hut is marked by the preparation of delicious truffle-based recipes by the chef who masterfully manages to decline this product in a thousand different ways, from oil to jams, from meat to ice cream, enhancing simple and gourmet dishes! Lunch is accompanied by a tasting of excellent wines that well represent the territory and enhance the delicious recipes! 

This is certainly one of the most exciting and complete experiences to try in Tuscany that manages to combine being in direct contact with nature with excellent gastronomy in a context of total privacy and warm hospitality.

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