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Three good reasons to rent a Ferrari in Tuscany

Tuscany is internationally recognized as one of the most beautiful regions of Italy and thousands of tourists every year visit its art cities and its hills set among wonderful panoramic roads!

Renting a Ferrari in Tuscany is an unforgettable experience and allows you to make your visit to this splendid region even more special by combining artistic and landscape beauties with engineering ones. So here are three good reasons to rent a Ferrari in Tuscany!

The winding roads where to drive a Ferrari car

Who has never imagined a Tuscan landscape with green hills, stone farmhouses and winding roads that wind through the rows of cypresses? The roads of Tuscany are simply perfect for driving a Ferrari car: full of curves where you can test the great performance of the car but also exciting for their landscapes and atmospheres! Driving a Ferrari here is like feeling in a movie, especially if a convertible model feeling the wind and the smells of the countryside!

The adrenaline and emotion that these roads transmit is really hard to forget. These are in fact also the streets of the famous Mille Miglia, the historic race that has made these places even more fascinating for car enthusiasts from all over the world!

 Breathtaking landscapes to watch from the window


Tuscany means breathtaking landscapes at every corner and renting a Ferrari means being able to freely explore the region and be able to see its hidden treasures, often reachable only by car which allows you to explore more places and move easily! Choose one, two, three or more days to rent your Ferrari, in Tuscany there is always something to see and discover, falling in love with its postcard landscapes every day; from the Chianti vineyards, to the hills of the Val d'Orcia, from the Crete Senesi to the sea!



Delicious food and wine stops during Ferrari tours

Italy and Tuscany are the kingdom of excellent gastronomy and during a Ferrari tour you cannot miss some of the best food and wine stops in the region!

Tuscany is home to some of the most ancient wine cellars of the peninsula and historic farms of excellence whose key principles are natural preparations, controlled supply chains and seasonality, always aiming for the qualitative excellence of the products. Our best tours in the often visit to a local company, whether it is a winery, a dairy, an oil mill, and one or more stops in the restaurants, so that guests can discover the Italian artisan tradition and the use of agri-food excellence traditional and contemporary cuisine!


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