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The world's first NFT-owned Supercar unveiled in Dubai: Mercedes - AMG GT Black Series

Last April Dubai was once again the scene of a unique event, a record that blends the world of supercars with the digital art and cryptocurrencies ones.

The project is called "Project Black" and for the first time it consists of the ownership of a car, in this case the Mercedes-AMG GT Black, distributed among different owners. Buyers of the connected NFTs will be able to own and drive the supercar for a full month each year. The company also collaborated with the famous artist Idriss B who created 12 physical and digital works of art for the occasion that were assigned to the buyers of the NFTs. These 12 “Project Black” NFTs have been registered on with a base value of 25 Ethereum, equivalent to approximately $ 80,000.

The sale was a success and the NFTs placed on the market sold out in a few minutes thanks to the uniqueness of this event which was able to combine the exclusivity of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, of which very few pieces are produced every year to an expanding market, the NFTs one, which represents the future.

Surely this was the first event that combined supercars and NFT but it will certainly not be the last as the world of luxury cars is naturally linked to the world of cryptocurrencies and digital art. It is therefore not surprising that other automotive brands have also taken steps to be present and operational in these new markets.

Lamborghini, for example, has announced a 1: 1 NFT auction for the latest Aventador Coupé and we know that McLaren has already chosen InfiniteWorld as a partner for the launch of NFTs based on McLaren luxury cars. This in fact supports brands in interacting with their consumers and in expanding into the digital world.

Not only Lamborghini and McLaren, Ferrari is always in the center of the game when about future. It seems that the company entered into a multi-year agreement with the Swiss technology company Velas Network for the creation of digital art connected to the brand.

We cannot yet know for sure how the relationship between NFT and supercars will evolve, but we do know that the luxury car market will be involved in the NFT world as an active and important part each company’s business!

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