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When planning an incentive trip for a team, it is essential to think outside the box and offer experiences that will leave a lasting impression. One such amazing activity is a helicopter flight over the picturesque landscapes of Italy. This article explores into the unusual and unforgettable experience of a helicopter flight, highlighting its significance in team building, in the bond with the company and in the sense of gratification that organizing an incentive trip in Italy entails.

Real Luxury has been operating in the incentive travel sector for years and is committed to creating unique itineraries and always including unusual activities that refer to the world of exclusivity and luxury. For an incentive in Italy it is therefore the best choice to have guaranteed success! This is therefore why Real Luxury proposes helicopter flights as an unusual activity to carry out during an incentive trip in Italy. 

The improvement of team building 

Incentive trips are not only about celebrating success, but also bringing team members closer together. In this sense, a helicopter flight offers a unique opportunity for team building as it is an incredible experience that the team carries out and shares and which allows its members to talk to each other, marvel together and share this extraordinary memory forever. The extraordinary nature of the helicopter flight distinguishes it from more traditional team building activities, making it an unusual and memorable choice for your incentive trip. 

The connection with the company: gratitude, belonging, emotion

A helicopter flight in Italy offers an extraordinary experience in itself and allows you to admire the iconic Italian landscapes from a unique perspective! Being chosen to participate in such a particular and exclusive activity undoubtedly strengthens the emotional attachment to the organization, the pride of collaborating with the company and improves the sense of gratitude and belonging.

This unusual activity also helps solidify the bond between employees and the company as the memory of this incredible experience will serve as a constant reminder of the organization's commitment to providing unique opportunities and recognizing the hard work of its team.

The feeling of reward: a great incentive 

Choosing a panoramic helicopter flight over Italy as an unusual activity within an incentive trip is certainly a choice of great impact. Being an exclusive activity, in the eyes of the team it is a unique reward and recognition from the company for all the commitment and results obtained from the team's daily work. The feeling of reward also goes beyond participating in a luxury activity as the team will certainly appreciate the care and dedication with which the company has chosen an unusual and exciting activity that inspires them to always continue to work with the same enthusiasm. 

Therefore integrating a helicopter flight into an incentive trip in Italy is the definition of an unusual and unforgettable experience. In fact, it improves team building, strengthens attachment to the company and instills a profound sense of reward. The memories created during this extraordinary journey will have a lasting impact on the unity, loyalty and enthusiasm of the team.

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