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Italy is famous throughout the world for its landscapes, art, history, culture and gastronomy but few travelers from abroad know about a small state located within Italy: San Marino! Nestled on picturesque hills with a panoramic view of the Adriatic coast, San Marino is an independent state of very small size and is perfect for being the destination of a one-day Ferrari tour for those who want an interesting destination a little off the main itineraries tourist.

Arrival by Ferrari, visit to the fortress and the historic centre 

San Marino is the fifth smallest country in the world but, despite its small size, this microstate is rich in history and surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty.

The history of San Marino is intertwined with its architectural treasures and cultural heritage. After leaving the hotel where you are staying, the one-day tour in a Ferrari begins, driving this masterpiece of engineering and design towards San Marino! At this point the day cannot help but start with a visit to the iconic Torre Guaita, an ancient fortress that offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and a walk in the historic center among medieval fortifications, narrow and winding streets and fascinating squares, all preserved as UNESCO world heritage site.

San Marino's museums and art galleries also offer the opportunity to delve further into the history and culture of the microstate. 

Lunch and afternoon activities including helicopter, wines and wellness


San Marino, thanks to its strategic position in the heart of Italy, presents a delicious cuisine with raw materials of the highest level and tasty traditional recipes that recall both the flavors of the hinterland such as truffles or mushrooms and those of the sea a short distance away. A traditional lunch in this medieval gem is absolutely not to be missed before getting back in the car to continue the day among culture and landscapes. 

The fascinating landscape of San Marino offers a picturesque backdrop for a Ferrari tour thanks to winding roads, beautiful hills, vineyards and the glittering Adriatic Sea in the distance. 

A splendid idea to crown this day tour by Ferrari in San Marino is to include a helicopter tour in the afternoon to admire the splendor of San Marino from the sky. This unique perspective offers a truly exceptional observation point to appreciate the fortress and the hills that lead towards the sea!

As an alternative to the helicopter experience it is possible to include a private wine tasting at one of the renowned local wineries, go on a shopping trip among the interesting artisan boutiques that produce handmade leather goods, clothes and jewelery or even dedicate yourself to well-being thanks to a spa experience to indulge in a relaxing spa afternoon. 

San Marino, with its culinary delights, historical wonders and breathtaking landscapes is a perfect destination for a day tour in a Ferrari to discover a splendid but more private destination than the classic Italian tourist destinations.

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