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What is more beautiful and elegant than a two-day tour between the Italian Riviera and the French Riviera by a Ferrari 296 GTB? Today we tell you about the two-day tour planned and tailor-made by Real Luxury on board the Ferrari 296 GTB! If you too are dreaming of taking a Ferrari tour between the Italian Riviera and the French Riviera, this article is for you!

Day 1: From Genoa to Sanremo aboard the Ferrari 296 GTB


The tour in a Ferrari 296 GTB started from Liguria, precisely in Genoa! Genoa, as well as being known for hosting one of Italy's main ports, is a historic gem on the Ligurian coast offering a fascinating blend of maritime heritage and vibrant urban life.

This charming city is famous for its charming historic center, known as "caruggi", where narrow alleys lead to hidden squares, showcasing the city's rich history.

The Royal Palace and the Palazzi dei Rolli are testaments to Genoa's aristocratic past, displaying splendid art and architecture. For the ones who love the small colorful Italian villages, in Genoa you will find Boccadasse, a charming fishing village worth exploring, famous for its colorful houses, the picturesque port and the delightful promenade along the seafront. 

The guests and the Real Luxury team then left the Hotel Bristol in Genoa to leave with the Ferrari 296 GTB and test it along the splendid Ligurian roads, reaching Savona in an hour of fun driving. 

Savona, with its golden beaches, maritime atmosphere, historic center made up of squares and ancient buildings and delicious cuisine, was the perfect place for a stop and lunch. 

After an authentic lunch based on fresh fish, the journey continued for about an hour aboard the Ferrari 296 GTB before making a stop in the picturesque town of Cervo. The narrow cobbled streets, centuries-old stone buildings and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean made it the ideal place to take photos and take a relaxing walk in this authentic village. 

With another 40 minutes by car guests and team reached Sanremo. Sanremo, often called the "City of Flowers", is a delightful destination on the Italian Riviera, famous for its stunning floral displays. With its splendid Mediterranean climate it is perfect to be visited all year round and it is always a pleasure to stroll along the elegant seafront, explore the historic center and delight in the delicious Italian cuisine in the local restaurants. The city's Municipal Casino, with its Belle Époque-style architecture, adds a touch of glamor to this coastal destination, inviting visitors to enjoy the city's vibrant nightlife. 

The accommodation chosen for the clients this time was the majestic Royal Hotel which offers breathtaking views of the sea and refined service. The day then ended with an elegant dinner on the hotel terrace.


Day 2: From Sanremo to Cannes aboard the Ferrari 296 GTB


On the morning of the second day of the two-day tour between the Italian Riviera and the French Riviera in a Ferrari 296 GTB, guests and the Real Luxury team left Sanremo to head to the iconic Monte Carlo for a stop at the Café de Paris on the sunny terrace and a tour of the city.

Monte Carlo is in fact the perfect place for a refined and panoramic stop and for a few hours of relaxation and shopping overlooking the sea! 

Having said goodbye to Montecarlo, the tour then continued by car towards Èze. The pretty town of Èze, located on the French Riviera, enchants tourists with its narrow cobbled streets, breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and its medieval charm. Its picturesque cobbled streets lead to charming craft shops and restaurants serving traditional cuisine, offering a wonderful authentic experience. In fact, it was here that lunch was held at the charming Les Rampants restaurant, a treasure chest of refinement overlooking the blue with incredible views of the coast.

 After a delicious lunch, the guests and the team set off in the iconic Ferrari 296 GTB along an enchanting road along the sea to reach Cannes, the emblematic city of cinema and glamour. The hotel selected for the guests was the Five Seas Hotel, a few steps from the famous Croisette, where they can relax by the exceptional swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean before preparing for a delicious dinner at the Le Carlton restaurant as an exceptional finale to this splendid Ferrari tour between the Italian Riviera and the French Riviera. 

This refined adventure between the Italian Riviera and the French Riviera ended with elegance, and was the perfect combination of culture, breathtaking landscapes, gastronomy and class. In these two days, the iconic yellow Ferrari 296 GTB was not just a means of transport but a traveling companion symbol of high end engineering and Italian design.

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