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Nestled in the picturesque region of Lombardy, Lake Iseo is a hidden treasure that attracts travelers seeking a taste of luxury and tranquility in the heart of Europe. Autumn, with its mild weather and breathtaking foliage, is the perfect time to embark on a grand adventure on this mesmerizing lake.

And what better way to experience the splendor of Lake Iseo than by renting a Ferrari or relying on a tailor-made Ferrari tour? So here are some tips on what to see and do on the wonderful Lake Iseo!


Ferrari rental on Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo offers wonderful accommodation facilities that stand out for their historicity, elegance and breathtaking views of the water and the surrounding hills. Waking up to the crisp autumn air and the aroma of freshly brewed Italian coffee with the view of the lake is already a memorable experience in itself; but the real highlight of this itinerary is doing it aboard a Ferrari car. Whether you decide to rent it or have a tailor-made tour built by the Real Luxury team, driving a Ferrari on the elegant shores of the lake will make the entire trip iconic and memorable!

The winding roads are in fact a paradise for driving enthusiasts and are lined with charming villages, olive groves and vineyards; particularly famous for the renowned Franciacorta sparkling wines.


Tour of Lake Iseo in Ferrari

The entire road surrounding Lake Iseo is 65 km long and can be traveled by car in about two hours. However, the route is full of villages to discover, breathtaking views and places for delicious gastronomic stops and it is really worth planning a few stops during a tour of the lake in a Ferrari. Precisely because of its moderate size it is a perfect destination whose itinerary can be shaped to everyone's needs depending on interests and time available.


Villages to see on Lake Iseo

The shores of Lake Iseo are home to some splendid villages nestled between the green hills and the blue of the lake including Iseo, Sarnico, Lovere and Pisogne. 

Iseo, which gives its name to the lake, is a cheerful town with a delightful historic centre. Visitors can explore its cobbled streets, stroll along the lakeside and admire the Romanesque architecture of the stunning Church of San Andrea. The city also offers shops and restaurants on the waterfront and is characterized by a serene atmosphere. 

Sarnico, on the other hand, is located on the eastern shore and boasts a port and a lively atmosphere. It is a meeting place for boating enthusiasts and offers lakeside cafés, ice cream shops and small boutiques. 

Lovere instead rests on the northern shore of Lake Iseo and is a welcoming town with cobbled streets and historic churches. The lakefront offers breathtaking views and the Church of Santa Maria in Valvendra is a true architectural jewel. 

A short distance from Lovere is Pisogne which boasts an enchanting square on the lake and splendid medieval architecture. 

Monte Isola, an island in the lake that hosts a village, deserves a separate mention. It is the largest inhabited island of the European lakes and is characterized by colorful boats, narrow streets, steep staircases, stone buildings, small shops and wonderful views of the lake. A comfortable private boat transfer can be organized in order to explore the island and an excellent idea is to end the day by sailing on the lake admiring the sunset


Culinary delights


Lake Iseo's culinary scene is a testament to the rich traditions and flavors of the Lombardy region and exploring local specialties is undoubtedly an integral part of the travel experience! 

In addition to local specialties ranging from desserts, meat, lake fish and olive oil, Lake Iseo is particularly famous for being the heart of the Franciacorta region, known for its exquisite sparkling wines. Franciacorta wines are in fact often compared to Champagne and are produced using the traditional method. At least a visit to the local cellars and vineyards is a must, where you can taste and appreciate these renowned sparkling wines. 

In conclusion, renting a Ferrari on Lake Iseo is the best way to experience the authentic beauty of this Italian destination with a touch of adrenaline, luxury and exclusivity.

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