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Panoramic helicopter tour over Lake Maggiore

Have you ever thought about taking a panoramic helicopter tour of Lake Maggiore? Lake Maggiore is the second largest lake in Italy and extends into the north of the country, sharing some of its shores with Switzerland. Lake Maggiore represents the perfect union of natural beauties, charming cities and cultural attractions which makes it a unique setting for a panoramic helicopter tour.

It is also strategically located about two hours by car from both Milan and Turin where two of the country's major international airports are located.


Lake Maggiore is in fact one of the favorite destinations for those who want to escape the big cities for a few days to immerse themselves in a more relaxed atmosphere and in direct contact with nature. 

What you fly over during a panoramic helicopter tour over Lake Maggiore? 

Lake Maggiore is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty as it is surrounded by majestic mountains and lush greenery and the crystal clear waters of the lake vary in a thousand shades of blue and are dotted with enchanting islands.


The Borromean Islands

The Borromean Islands are one of the main attractions of Lake Maggiore. Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori are the most famous ones and especially Isola Bella is renowned for its magnificent baroque palace and splendid terraced gardens. The view of the Borromean Islands from above during a panoramic helicopter tour over Lake Maggiore is worth the entire flight itself as the natural beauty of the vegetation and of the islands blends with the refined elegance of the their buildings, testifying to the refined past of the lake as the residence of the Italian and European aristocracy!


The cities of Lake Maggiore


The town of Stresa is a popular lakeside tourist center and has a charming atmosphere, elegant villas and wonderful lakeside walks with views of the surrounding mountains. 

Verbania, on the other hand, is one of the main cities in the area and is located on the western shore of Lake Maggiore and boasts enchanting gardens and a vibrant historic center, full of enchanting squares and ancient buildings. 

Then leaving Italy, just over the border with Switzerland, you can visit the city of Locarno which is located on the northern part of Lake Maggiore. Locarno is famous for hosting the famous Locarno Film Festival, a charming medieval castle, a picturesque old town with a perfect blend of Swiss and Italian culture!


What activities you can do on Lake Maggiore?

Precisely because of its variety of places and environments, Lake Maggiore lends itself to offering its visitors many different activities such as sailing, kayaking, trekking in nature, historical-cultural visits, food and wine tours and obviously the panoramic helicopter tour of Lake Maggiore organized by Fly Tesla. The helicopter tour with Fly Tesla guarantees the latest generation of aircrafts, highly experienced pilots and staff and the ability to fully customize the experience according to the needs of individual guests. Flying over Lake Maggiore is truly an experience that leaves all travelers breathless and allows you to truly appreciate all the beauty of the landscapes of northern Italy among ancient urban centers, woods, mountains and all the wonder of the blue waters of the lake!

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