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Renting a SUV or a supercar in Tuscany: what to choose?

If you are planning to visit Tuscany during your summer holidays and you want to explore this marvelous region by car, in order to be able to choose in total freedom where to stop and what to visit, Real Luxury is the ideal solution to design the perfect tour or the perfect car rental according to your needs. In fact, Real Luxury allows you to rent a SUV or a supercar in Tuscany or mix these two solutions to outline a perfect stay.

 Rent an SUV in Tuscany

Real Luxury has several cars available in its SUV fleet that can satisfy all needs such as the Mercedes GLE, one of the most popular, or the splendid Maserati Levante, the Mercedes GLC 63s, the Range Rover Vogue Autobiography or the Mercedes G63, to mention some examples. Choosing a SUV is the most appropriate decision for families, for those who have a lot of luggage to move, those who plan to do a lot of kilometers or simply prefer a more spacious vehicle.


Rent a supercar in Tuscany

Super cars are undoubtedly the jewel of Real Luxury and it is one of the most chosen and dreamed of options by travelers. Renting a supercar in Tuscany means choosing to live a unique experience in the name of exclusivity and a classic and sporty soul, depending on the preferred model! Whether it's the timeless elegance of the Ferrari Portofino M or the Ferrari F8 Spider or the powerful soul of the Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spider or the futuristic McLaren 720s, it will certainly be an on the road out of the ordinary! Travelers who are looking for an exclusive experience, often as a couple, usually prefer to rent a supercar in Tuscany, which can put their signature on a unique trip, to be done at least once in a lifetime!


Mixing the rental of an SUV and a supercar in Tuscany

A solution that can sometimes reconcile the different needs is to merge the previous solutions and mix the rental of an SUV and a supercar, renting one or more SUVs to carry out daily trips in comfort and then add the rental or a tour with staff accompaniment with one or more supercars for half a day or a full day. In this way you can combine a classic and comfortable on the road for the family with a sportier and more exclusive activity!


What will be your choice, we at Real Luxury will be able to advise you in the best way and prepare the most suitable solution!

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