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Three scenic Italian roads to drive supercars

Italy is a unique succession of scenic roads and postcard sceneries and driving through its hills, mountains and coastal streets is a simply unique experience that allows you to appreciate the artistic and natural beauties but also the Italian ingenuity and the passion for the excellence that are the signature of made in Italy supercars. Today we therefore want to take you to the discovery of three incredible Italian scenic roads where you can drive supercars and live a 100% Made in Italy dream!

Amalfi Coast, Campania

The Amalfi Coast needs no introduction, famous all over the world for its villages with houses set in the rock overlooking the blue sea and for its dreamy views, it is one of the most desired destinations by travelers from all over the world! The narrow and winding road that connects the small towns of this coast is one of the things that makes it spectacular! What better way to discover the beauties of this land by traveling this iconic road by a supercar? It is an experience that cannot be told but a dream to be lived! Let yourself be carried away by the breathtaking curves, the Mediterranean vegetation and the blue of the sea that runs along the horizon!

Giau Pass, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Veneto

Passo Giau is one of the most famous and photographed passes in the Dolomites and extends in the Cortina d'Ampezzo area at 2236 meters above sea level. The road that leads from Cortina to the pass is a set of sharp bends that wind through centuries-old fir woods, green meadows and rock spiers. Once you reach the top of the pass, your gaze runs towards the horizon meeting the profiles of the mountains while the wind in your hair and pure air complete the magic! Driving here is not only an adrenaline experience but also a way to regenerate by being in contact with nature of mesmerizing beauty.


Strada Chiantigiana, Tuscany

The "Chiantigiana" road is one of the most fascinating roads of Italy and connects the wonderful cities of Florence and Siena, guardians of centuries of history and art. Traveling this road by an Italian supercar, crossing the Tuscan countryside among hills, vineyards, cypresses, villages and excellent wineries, is one of the most incredible experiences you can have in this beautiful country! Living a tour in Chianti in a supercar means being able to savor the perfect mix of Italian way of life, starting from the history of the art cities, to continue among the sweet natural landscapes, the thousand legends and hidden gems of the small villages and the authentic taste of the gourmet products of the territory produced with passion and hard work.


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