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Is there really anything more elegant and refined than a tour of Lake Como by vintage cars? Real Luxury has organized this unique activity for a group of guests to let them experience the true essence of the classic Italian summer, made only of wonderful landscapes, exclusive cars and a true Dolce Vita atmosphere! So today we take you virtually with us on our tour of Lake Como by vintage cars!

The cars of the Lake Como tour by vintage cars

This Tour of Lake Como involved eight vintage cars which made the experience absolutely exceptional. The eight cars have in fact colored the lakefront in a unique way and have characterized the place with a colorful and elegant allure, creating an old fascinating atmosphere! Porsche 911 S, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, Alfa Romeo Spider 1750, Alfa Romeo Spider IV 2.0, Porsche 911 S, Mercedes Benz 190 Sl, Mercedes Benz 190 Sl, Porsche 356 Speedster are the wonderful cars that accompanied us on this unique day!


Departure: from the Hotel il Sereno in Lugano

The starting point of the tour of Lake Como by a vintage cars was the elegant Hotel il Sereno which managed to integrate its contemporary lines into the surrounding natural landscape. The elegant and colorful line of cars then left towards Lugano. The drive along the lakefront was exciting thanks to the succession of wonderful landscapes and villages on the water up to the arrival in this elegant Swiss town!


Stop in Lugano – panorama with aperitif and lunch

Lugano is a charming Swiss city overlooking the Lugano lake and it’s immersed in the picturesque alpine landscape. This enchanting city boasts a natural blend of timeless elegance and contemporary charm, not only thanks to the enchanting location but also thanks to the mix of Swiss and Italian atmospheres. The lakefront is adorned with palm trees while the historic center features elegant colored buildings and picturesque streets dotted with cafes, restaurants, boutiques and art galleries. 

Guests were then able to explore the city and go up to Monte Brè, easily reachable via the funicular located in the city center. They had a truly panoramic aperitif and then returned back to the city for a delicious lunch along the banks of the lake.


Drive along the lakeside towards Menaggio

After a small shopping session, the tour of Lake Como by vintage cars continued in the direction of Menaggio between curves and breathtaking views. Nestling on the picturesque western shore of Lake Como, Menaggio is a charming little town surrounded by rolling hills and embraced by the sparkling lake waters. Menaggio offers breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere with an elegant lakeside promenade and cobbled streets lined with charming cafes, boutiques and historic buildings.


Ferry from Menaggio to Bellagio and return to the hotel

After discovering Menaggio, the guests with the wonderful vintage cars were able to reach and discover the village of Bellagio. Bellagio is set at the meeting point of the three branches of Lake Como and is perhaps today the very symbol of Lake Como thanks to its timeless elegance and its scenic splendor. In fact, this village is often called the "Pearl of Lake Como" and fascinates travelers every day with its postcard beauty and its refined atmosphere, emblem of the Italian Dolce Vita. After spending a splendid afternoon in Bellagio, guests and cars ended this unique day driving on the shores of Lake Como until returning to the Hotel il Sereno from where this extraordinary tour of timeless beauty and refinement had begun .

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