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Sky Elba: Helicopter day tour between Tuscany and the Elba Island

One of the spearheads of Fly Tesla, the Real Luxury's partner for all tours and panoramic flights by helicopter, is undoubtedly the "Sky Elba":. the one-day tour by helicopter between Tuscany and the Island of 'Elba! Today we want to take you virtually with us, telling you about the incredible day you could experience with us by choosing the wonderful Sky Elba Tour.

Departure by helicopter from Siena

The tour departs from Siena or from the most convenient take-off point depending on where the guests are staying. The flight is therefore immediately very panoramic as it flies over the Tuscan hills and the Val d'Orcia heading slowly towards the sea.


The arrival and landing on the Elba Island

The Tuscan coast is truly stunning from above as the green hills and stone villages slowly give space to the marvelous beaches of the coast and the intense blue of the sea. Then the evocative profile of Elba Island gradually appears with its soft green hills and the deep blue of the sea! The flight over the island is absolutely breathtaking as you can really appreciate the perfect mix of hills, hinterland, small towns, white beaches and crystal clear sea that this island can offer.


Tour of the island in a private car with driver

Once landed on the splendid Island of Elba, a private car with driver takes guests on a wonderful tour to discover the beauties of the island, this time by land. Guests are therefore accompanied to discover the Costa del Sole which features enchanting coves and idyllic sandy beaches. In addition to the beaches, the Costa del Sole proves to be a place full of authentic local culture between historic sites and a delicious culinary scene.


Seafront lunch at Elba Island

An unmissable stop during a one-day tour on the Island of Elba is in fact an excellent lunch overlooking the sea where travelers can savor the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine with particular attention to fresh fish, locally sourced ingredients and traditional recipes mandate from generation to generation.


Return to Tuscany

After the excellent lunch overlooking the sea, it's time to get back in the private car and head back towards the runway for take-off and landing on the Island of Elba to take off again and return to Siena. Even the return flight is characterized by great exciting panoramas both of the island that slowly disappears behind the helicopter and of the Tuscan hills that are approaching. The cherry on top of this incredible full day tour by helicopter between Tuscany and Elba Island is to fly over the marvelous Siena with its reddish roofs and iconic cathedral before landing back in Siena to end this unforgettable day!


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