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Ferrari Cavalcade 2023: finish line in Piazza del Popolo for 100 Ferraris

The Ferrari Cavalcade 2023 returns to the city that first hosted the now iconic event that celebrates Ferrari beauty and exclusivity every year. Indeed, Ferrari Cavalcade 2023 left Rome on June 27th and had its spectacular arrival in Piazza del Popolo on July 1st when around 100 Ferraris colored one of the most famous squares in Rome with color and passion for the iconic Maranello house!

What is the Ferrari Cavalcade and who participates?

The Ferrari Cavalcade is an exclusive event organized by Ferrari for its customers and enthusiasts. It is a gathering that brings together a select group of Ferrari owners from around the world to celebrate the brand’s heritage, craftsmanship and performance. The event takes place over several days and includes not only an itinerary to be covered by Ferrari but also guided tours, panoramic routes and visits to important places.


The event is thus an opportunity for all Ferrari enthusiasts to come together and share their passion for Ferrari and exchange experiences with other enthusiasts. Indeed, the event offers an exclusive and engaging environment for Ferrari owners to deepen their connection with the brand and foster a sense of community.


During the Ferrari Cavalcade, participants also have the opportunity to drive their Ferraris on different paths and with different driving conditions, admiring the wonderful Italian landscapes immersed in a festive atmosphere. Participants can also view new versions and innovations from the Maranello house.


Why does Ferrari organize an event like the Ferrari Cavalcade?

The Ferrari Cavalcade is a real brand event thanks to which Ferrari strengthens its relationship with its best customers in a unique way, creating a bond that goes beyond a simple purchase but which includes real experiences whose emotions will forever be linked to the Ferrari brand. This is how customers turn into brand lovers, enthusiasts, supporters of the brand and its values shared by the whole Ferrari community.


Itinerary of the Ferrari Cavalcade 2023

The locations of the Ferrari Cavalcade vary every year, and they took place in particular in various Italian regions to underline the indissoluble bond between the Ferrari house and its country. The regularity race was held between June 27th and July 1st 2023 along a route of about 1,200 km between Lazio and Abruzzo, touching the municipalities of Fiuggi, L'Aquila, Orvieto and Tuscania as well as the Gran Sasso National Park and the spectacular arrival in Piazza del Popolo!


Overall, the Ferrari Cavalcade is a prestigious event that combines the thrill of driving with fellow Ferrari enthusiasts, offering a unique and unforgettable experience!

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